Additional Resources

The Lean Startup Model

The Lean Startup – Created by Eric Ries, who is the creator of the MVP concept. His website includes startup case studies, entrepreneurial resources (including tools for seeing cash flow and other financials – have to pay for the tools). The website includes lots of good information for start-ups!

Understanding Target Market, Ideal Consumer, and Competitors

Great 5 minute video on explaining what a target market is in general – very helpful for beginners who don’t know what it is.

Great info on how to identify a target market and give steps on how to do that.

Great info on how to identify a target market and give steps on how to do that.

Build a Minimum Viable Product or a Service

How to Build a Minimum Viable Product?
(Tips for Success)

Good 3 min video and great blog post – lots of good information.

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How to Get and
Test Ideas

What problem are you trying to solve? Why are you qualified to solve it? What is your MVP? “Don’t fall in love with your product or MVP, but be in love with your problem and your customer.”

The Lean Approach:
Minimum Viable Products

MVP is about getting customer feedback, not perfecting your product. How do we maximize learning while minimizing costs with our MVP? Has a real world example.

How to Build an MVP: Step-by-Step Guide

Good blog post with in-depth explanation and steps.

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Test MVP, Get Feedback, and Iterate or Pivot

How to Test an MVP: Proven Strategies that Work

Each testing strategy includes real life examples and good explanations.

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Making Sense of MVP

Good example and explanation of “Not Like This…But Like This!”, however uses some words that non-native English speakers may not know, so it may be helpful to have a “glossary” underneath this video

Your Minimum Viable Product Failed: Now What?

Good article post on ways to pivot from a failed MVP.

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Eric Ries Explains The Pivot

Creator of the MVP idea and “Pivot” idea explains what the Pivot is and gives lots of real world examples of this.

Lean Startup Lessons: Changing Course on a Business Idea Without Giving Up

Great video with Eric Ries going into detail about Pivot! “A pivot is a change in strategy without a change in vision.” He talks about when to persevere and when to pivot, “How much time do I have before I run out of money vs. How many pivots do I have left before I run out of money?” mindset. Gives more real world example.

Create an Actionable Business Plan and Financial Projections

Business Plan Examples

Here is a website with an extensive list of free business plan examples, that include specific sectors (such as Clothing & Fashion and then from there you go even more specific, i.e. Family Clothing Plan).

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Digital Library Resources

Crash Course:
Entrepreneurship Playlist

20 Key Business Terms Every
Professional Should Know

Understanding Marketing Basics
For Businesses | Marketing 101